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We will teach you how to deal:

Texas Hold'Em

Tournament and cash game

This course will make you ready to deal poker in casino and poker room environment anywhere in the world

Assistance with job placement included

You are probably wondering if poker dealing is for you... right?

Poker dealing sounds pretty good. It's kind of fun and often it puts cash in your pocket right away.

No waiting two weeks for payday.

Every time you deal it's payday and if you're in the right game you can make really good money...

Here's the deal...

If you want to be well paid for a job that is in demand but that is most certainly not a traditional 9-5 cubicle job then poker dealing is for you.

Part Time or Full Time?

The good news is that you can find part time work all over the country.


Nearly every local pub has a game. Just tap into the network.

If you are looking for full time work, then the best place to check would be a casino or card room, which are becoming more and more common across the country.

Another thing about poker dealing...

If you enjoy cubicles, ETF reports and daily HR meetings then poker dealing is probably not for you.


Even if you plan to work in a casino instead of your local pub, you'll be working all sorts of hours.

Physical and Mental Requirements

Dealing poker is not very physically demanding, but there are a few physical things that you need to be able to do.

1. Full use of your fingers and hands.

Dealers are obviously using their hands and fingers for long stretches of time. If you have medical issue with your hands then dealing poker might not be for you.

2. Eyesight / Hearing.

Dealers need to be able to see and hear. The hearing can be overcome if you are determined, extra attentive and inform the players to use hand gestures instead of just their voice when announcing 'Raise' for example.


3. Ability to sit for extended periods of time.

You will be 'in the box' for sometimes long periods of time. You need to be able to sit. This means that if you have a bad back it could be much more difficult to deal poker.

That's really about it for the physical requirements of poker dealers. The beauty of poker dealing is that anyone, man or woman, young or old can become excellent poker dealers.


This is a skill that will serve you well in your lifetime.

Dealing poker is a fairly easy physical skill, but it can be demanding mentally and emotionally. Here are some things to think about:

1. Basic Math Skills

Nothing fancy, ability to count, add and subtract. We will show you simple tips and techniques to handle the difficult situations, like split pots and taking a rake.

If you can count to ten, you can take an accurate rake using the rake technique we teach on the course.


Our side-pot process makes even the most complicated 'all-in fest' a snap to sort and split up.


2. Ability to concentrate and focus for extended periods of time

You have to give the game your full attention as there is lots of stuff happening all at once, and a professional dealer is just like an umpire at a major sporting event. You have to be able to focus on the game.


3. Interest in poker - Player Or Dealer


If you like poker, like playing poker or are interested in poker then dealing might be a good fit for you. We would not recommend you become a bartender if you can't stand going out to bars... so if you do not like poker then do not become a dealer.


If you want to use dealing to propel your game to the next levels then this course is also made for you. There is no substitute for table experience.

Many of today's poker pro's, like Mike Matusow, Scott Fischman, Evelyn Ng, Johnny Chan and others started out as poker dealers first.


4. Enjoy being rewarded on performance.


Often poker dealers earn tips from every hand they deal. The more hands you deal, the more opportunity for tips you'll get. Of course all that on top of your standard salary.


Our course teaches you how to be an efficient poker dealer.